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Welcome to DD Music Resource store. As of right now, all it contains is information on the two versions of the movie's soundtrack. In the near future, it'll also contain links that will take you to sites where you can purchase DVD's, books, and merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, costumes, and so on that are related to the film.


You can purchase the US, score-only version by clicking on one of the following logos, depending on your online shopping preference: . Here's the complete track listing for this version.

  • 1. Carpathian Ridge (1.30)
  • 2. The Tangent Universe (1.45)
  • 3. The Artifact and Living (2.25)
  • 4. Middlesex Times (1.38)
  • 5. Manipulated Living (2.04)
  • 6. Philosophy of Time Travel (1.58)
  • 7. Liquid Spear Waltz (1.28)
  • 8. Gretchen Ross (0.47)
  • 9. Burn It to the Ground (1.53)
  • 10. Slipping Away (1.13)
  • 11. Rosie Darko (1.21)
  • 12. Cellar Door (1.00)
  • 13. Ensurance Trap (3.07)
  • 14. Waltz in the 4th Dimension (2.42)
  • 15. Time Travel (2.57)
  • 16. Did You Know Him? (1.46)
  • 17. "Mad World", by Gary Jules (3.03)
  • 18. "Mad World" (Alternate Version), by Gary Jules (1.42)
  • On the other hand, the UK version of the soundtrack released to coincide with the film's re-release in 2004 contains both the songs featured in the movie (disc 1) and the score (disc 2). Click on the following links if you want to purchase this version, but note that I have been unable to find it on Tower Records: . The following is the track listing of the disc that contains the songs.

  • 1. "Never Tear Us Apart," by INXS (3.03)*
  • 2. "Head over Heels," by Tears for Fears (4.14)
  • 3. "Under the Milky Way," by The Church (4.58)
  • 4. "Lucid Memory," written and performed by Sam Bauer and Ged Bauer (0.46)
  • 5. "Lucid Assembly," written and performed by Ged Bauer and Mike Bauer (0.52)
  • 6. "Ave Maria," written by Giulio Caccino and Paul Pritchard (2.57)
  • 7. "For Whom the Bell Tolls," written by Steve Baker and Carmen Daye (3.04)
  • 8. "Show Me, Part 1," by (2.05)
  • 9. "Notorious," by Duran Duran (4.01)
  • 10. "Stay," by Oingo Boingo (3.38)*
  • 11. "Love Will Tear Us Apart," by Joy Division (3.26)
  • 12. "The Killing Moon," by Echo & the Bunnymen (5.49)
  • 13. "Mad World", by Gary Jules (3.03)

  • *These songs are featured in the Director's Cut and NOT in the original release.

    Please visit The Songs, The Lyrics, and The Score pages for more information about each individual track.

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