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These are the songs used in the film Donnie Darko, and are listed in the order they are heard in it. The links provided are anchored to the original album where the song can be found (unless otherwise noted). If you want to check other albums that contain the song, well then, you'll have to research that on your own.

The best way to get these songs might be to just purchase the soundtrack (obviously). Check out The Store for more details.

From the original version:

"The Killing Moon"
Performed by Echo and The Bunnymen (from their album Ocean Rain) ~ Written by Will Sergeant, Ian McCulloch, Les Pattinson and Pete De Freitas ~ Courtesy of Sire Records/Warner Music U.K. Ltd. ~ By arrangement with Warner Special Products.

This song can be heard right after the opening title sequence, when the title flash fades. Donnie can be seen riding a bike to his house. It ends before the scene where the Darkos are eating dinner.

"Lucid Memory"
Written and Performed by Sam Bauer (the movie's editor, just a little trivia) and Ged Bauer (his brother).

This piece of music can be heard twice in the movie in Cunningham's Controlling Fear videotape. Mrs. Farmer is just showing her class this tape the first time it's heard. Donnie tells her to "insert the lifeline exercise card into [her] anus."

"Head over Heels"
Performed by Tears For Fears (from their album Please) ~ Written by Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal ~ Courtesy of Mercury Records Limited Under license from Universal Music Enterprises.

This song can be heard during our first look at Donnie's school, and also as an introduction to the other characters. Only this song can be heard in the dialogue-less scene. It starts as soon as Donnie gets off the bus to Ms. Pomeroy's class' time-elapsed gathering.

"Lucid Assembly"
Written and Performed by Ged Bauer and Mike Bauer.

This piece of music can be heard during Cunningham's presentation/assembly at the school. It gets cut off when a Frank card shows up on the assembly screen.

"Ave Maria"
Written by Giulio Caccino and Paul Pritchard ~ Courtesy of Associated Production Music LLC.

This operatic piece can be heard when Donnie sees his dad's manipulated dead worker. It's better heard when Eddie (the dad) is getting beer in the refridgerator. Listen carefully when he pauses to look at "VOTE DUKAKIS" written on the white board on the fridge.

"For Whom the Bell Tolls"
Written by Steve Baker and Carmen Daye ~ Courtesy of Associated Production Music LLC.

This piece of music can be heard during the theater scene. Donnie is watching Evil Dead while Gretchen sleeps beside him. Frank shows up and tells him to do another one of his bidding. The music can be heard when Donnie notices Frank to him leaving the theater. Note that this piece can also be heard as the first to play during the end credits. And finally, this is NOT performed by Metallica.

"Show Me, Pt. 1"
Written by Quito Colayco and Tony Hertz ~ Courtesy of Associated Production Music LLC.

This piece of music can be heard during Cherita Chen's "Autumn Angel" performance. Mrs. Farmer's "vomit" quote is also in this scene.

Performed by Duran Duran (from their album Notorious) ~ Written by Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes and John Taylor ~ Courtesy of Capitol Records Under license from EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets.

This song can be heard during Sparkle Motion's dance performance, right after Cherita's. It ends when the girls finish their dance, and when Donnie starts a fire at the house.

"Proud To Be Loud"
Written by Marc Ferrari ~ Performed by The Dead Green Mummies ~ Courtesy of Marc Ferrari / Master Source.

This song can be heard during Donnie and Elizabeth's party. Donnie is walking downstairs to open the door to let his two friends, Thor and Hulk Hogan, in. Note that I couldn't find an artist or band named The Dead Green Mummies, but there are other available sources.

"Love Will Tear Us Apart"
Written and Performed by Joy Division (from their hits album Substance) ~ Courtesy of Warner Music U.K. Ltd. By arrangement with Warner Special Products.

This song can also be heard during Donnie and Elizabeth's party. It's played right after Donnie lets a distraught Gretchen into the house and into his parents' bedroom as Elizabeth looks on.

"Under the Milky Way"
Performed by The Church (from their album Starfish) ~ Written by Steven Kilbey and Karin Jansson ~ Courtesy of Arista Records, Inc. ~ Courtesy of Festival Mushroom Records Pty Ltd.

This is the last song to be heard during Donnie and Elizabeth's party. Donnie and Gretchen can be seen walking downstairs back to the party after their time together. The song is heard until Donnie realizes that he must go see Roberta Sparrow, telling Greatchen, Thor, and Hulk Hogan that there is no time left.

"Mad World" (click here for the independent release of the album)
Performed by Gary Jules and Michael Andrews (from Jules' album Trading Snakeoil for Wolfcrickets) ~ Written by Roland Orzabal

This is the last song in the movie. This can be heard during the, well, Mad World sequence where the characters in the movie recalls what happened (or what was supposed to happen, depending on your interpretation of the whole situation) in the past few days. It ends when we see Rose Darko grieving. An alternative version featuring heavier bass and drums is in the soundtrack (stop by The Store). The links above point to the original, mellower version.

"Brilliant Mind"
Performed by Furniture (from their album The Wrong People)

First of all, all the links above point to the soundtrack to the John Hughes film Some Kind of Wonderful. It's hard to find the original album it came from since only a limited number of units were pressed before their record company, Stiff Records, went out of business. (Thanks to Craig J., I'm guessing, for this info.)

So anyway, I didn't find this song listed in the end credits of the movie. Since IMDB is a pretty reliable source for uncredited cast, crew, and things used in the movie, I'm going to put this song in that category. At least for now.

From the Director's Cut:

"Never Tear Us Apart"
Performed by INXS (from their album Kick) ~ Music by Andrew Farriss ~ Lyrics by Michael Hutchence

In this version of the film, this song replaces Echo & the Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon" as the first song featured in the movie. "The Killing Moon" is placed somewhere else in the movie, somewhere I have yet to find...

Performed by Oingo Boingo (from their album Dead Man's Party) ~ Written by Danny Elfman ~ Courtesy of MCA Records ~ Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

This is a song that's only featured in the Director's Cut version of the film. I'm not exactly sure what scene it's in right now...

Other songs:

"West End Girls"
Performed by The Pet Shop Boys (from their album Please) ~ Written by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe ~ Parlophone Records

According to Richard Kelly on one of the audio commentaries on the DVD, this was the song Sparkle Motion originally danced to, not Duran Duran's "Notorious." The Pet Shop Boys were asking for an amount of money that was too big for the film's budget so Duran Duran's was used instead.

Performed by U2 (from their album The Unforgettable Fire) ~ Written by U2 ~ Island Records

According to, this song was the one Richard Kelly originally chose to be played over the "Mad World" sequence. But, like with the song listed above, the production couldn't get the rights so Jules' "Mad World" was used instead.

Song information is provided by the Internet Movie Database, in the end credits of the film, and in some instances, All other content are provided by +DDMR, unless noted.

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