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The latest update is also posted at Home. The date of it can also be found on the Welcome Note. These pages were created on June, 2004, with subsequent updates from then on, but not many obviously:

-- August 11, 2006: In the continuous effort to make the site better, a few things have been revised:
  • The Songs, The Lyrics, and The Score pages have been re-organized. I also added information on U2's "MLK" on them. Check the first link to see why.
  • Sountrack information is no longer available in the Music Order page because...
  • can now be found in The Store, the newest page here on DD Music Resource. Check it out.
  • The Links have been re-organized and revised. A few items have also been added.
  • -- August 9-10, 2006: Kind of a major re-vamping of most of the pages.
  • The content on the left panel and the bottom of the page have been revised...
  • ...notably, a button that links to Paypal should you feel like making a donation =)
  • Edited most of the pages for overall content.
  • The addition of sub-headings on some pages will hopefully make browsing easier.
  • Songs featured in the Director's Cut have been added in the appropriate pages.
  • Soundtrack information (track listing, etc.) has been added in the Music Order page.
  • I've added a few links on The Links page that pertain to the Director's Cut.
  • Re-organization of these updates.
  • I changed the banners. On some, I changed the pic itself, and on all, I fixed the contrast and such to make them look better.
  • -- August 5, 2006:
  • Because I'm slowly beginning to incorporate the music featured in the Director's Cut into the site, many of the pages have been revised. Check them out.
  • -- IMPORTANT MESSAGE (July 16, 2006):
  • I apologize for any unanswered/re-routed emails that you might have sent me during the past two years. I've become very busy with my studies and such that I've forgotten about this site. Anyway, I've updated my email addresses that are provided throughout the site and have found some free time to answer any questions you might have. Again, I'm truly sorry if there was any inconvenience.
  • -- July 14, 2004:
  • I added some new links in the links section, notably, a fanlisting for the film.
  • -- July 11, 2004:
  • This new layout (with tables) is the closest thing I'll ever get to having frames on the site, until I upgrade of course. At least it's more organized than the last layout.
  • The lyrics to Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" is now available in The Songs page.
  • Track times have been added in the Music Order page.
  • -- July 10, 2004:
  • Placed more information on Furniture's "Brilliant Mind." It can be found on The Songs page. I also fixed a few typos here and there :(
  • -- July 2, 2004:
  • Changed the colors of the site. The previous black and white was a little bland.
  • -- June 29, 2004:
  • I added this page, the site info.
  • -- June 28, 2004:
  • Added a counter on the index, provided by


    All the banners were created with Adobe Photoshop, using screenshots from the film. For those who haven't watched the movie with the audio commentary turned on, the font face is called "Harem" and can be found in many font sites for free.

    When this site was first created, a really neat HTML webpage editor was used to help with the coding. Click here to download HTML-Kit, developed by the people at


    Just in case you hadn't seen the many times the e-mail address had been posted throughout the site, here it is again. That's MURDER384@YAHOO.COM.

    Please send e-mails that pertain to this site (questions, suggestions, praise, or otherwise, and so on) only. Thank you.

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