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Here are various links relating to this site and the movie and music from Donnie Darko. Feel free to e-mail +DDMR if you come across a site you think should have been listed here, or if any of these links are broken.

The Movie:

The Official Donnie Darko Movie Site - The official site of the film. It's a puzzle-like site which might further explain the movie to those who were left scratching their head after viewing it. It also works as a teaser site for the movie.
Cellar Door - A great resource for the movie. It has The Philosophy of Time Travel text, screen shots, and other goodies. Worth a look.
Stainless Steel Rat's DD Page - A fansite that includes a healthy amount of information. A great site to start out with when you're a bit confused of what exactly happened in the movie (check out the FAQ).
Internet Movie Database: Donnie Darko - A link to imdb's Donnie Darko page. You can sign up to rate and comment on the movie (or other movies if you choose). Check out the message boards. It's full of helpful people should a question arise.
Rotten Tomatoes: Donnie Darko - Interested in what critics think of the movie? Movie reviews are compiled here and averaged into one neat little percentage score.
Rotten Tomatoes: Donnie Darko (Director's Cut) - Just like the link above, but this is for the 2004 re-release.

The Music:

Echo & the Bunnymen Official Website - Contains music videos, photos, a forums, and more on "The Killing Moon" band.
INXS' Official Site - Pretty self-explanatory. Contains tour dates, the band's history (which include the classic line-up and the more recent), and many more.
The Official Fan Web Site for Tears For Fears - This site has lots of info about the "Head Over Heels" band. It features plenty of multimedia, magazines they've featured in, a full discography, and lots more stuff. The website promoting their latest album can be found here.
Duran Duran - A site based in the United Kingdom dedicated to the "Notorious" band. Features a picture and video gallery, tour dates, news, song lyrics, and more.
The Pet Shop Boys - The official, flash site of the "West End Girls" (a song to be featured in the movie) guys.
Joy Division Central - An unofficial site dedicated to the "Love Will Tear Us Apart" band. It's a pretty huge site that has a message board, concert dates, Joy Division covers, and even t-shirts. It's worth a look.
Official Website of The Church - It has a member bio, merchandise links, discography, and more of the "Under The Milky Way" band.
The Official Gary Jules Site - A flash site containing bio, tour dates, merchandise, and other things about the "Mad World" singer. - MLK was to be used in the movie. Sadly, it wasn't. Here's us promoting their site anyway.
Dan's Boingo Page - A fansite dedicated to the mentioned band. It also has recent news on Danny Elfman, its own member-turned-film-scorer.

The Cast and Crew:

The Unofficial Richard Kelly Site - A site dedicated to the writer and director of the film. Here, you can find out about his other projects, read news on the Donnie Darko: Director's Cut release, post in the message boards, and so on.
Elgin Park Recordings - Take a look around this place. You'll eventually figure out it's where Mike Andrews resides.
The Unofficial Jake Gyllenhaal Fansite - A neat little site featuring Donnie Darko. Features a nice interface, message boards, and a ton of pictures if you like swooning over who would have made the perfect Spiderman.
The Complete Jena Malone - A site dedicated to Donnie's love interest and a star of the recent indie flick Saved!. It has transcripts and Quicktime files of some of her interviews, a bio, a fact sheet, pictures,...
The Drew Barrymore Collective - A fansite dedicated to one of the executive producers and star of the film (she plays Ms. Pomeroy). Like all fansites, it features a large pictures gallery, multimedia, a message board, information, filmography, and other things about Drew.
Official Patrick Swayze International Fan Club - Jim Cunningham's site. The title pretty much sums up everything.
Peaceful Rest (V.7) - An unofficial fansite for Mr. Monitoff (not to be confused with Molotov) himself, Noah Wyle. I have no idea where the title of the site came from. It sounds interesting though.

The Site:

Mad World - A fanlisting for the film, it's a must for those who absolutely love it. Sign up to add your name to the growing list.
Paypal - A great resource for buying and/or selling online. If you want, you can donate to this site by clicking on the button located on the left panel =)
Internet Movie Database - Quite possibly the most comprehensive resource for movie on the Internet, this site features information on over (or more than) a hundred thousand movies.
Wikipedia - An online encyclopedia like never before. It's definitely worth a look. - A site that contains well over 100,000 lyrics of songs spanning many different genres, including rap, pop, rock, oldies, and so on.
Amazon Online Retailer - One of the world's biggest online retailers. They sell CDs, DVDs, (text)books, electronics, clothes, appliances, and so on. NOTE: Check The Songs and The Score to find out where the music originally came from.
Tower Records Online - Contrary to the name, they also sell DVDs. If you like to listen to track samples before buying CDs, they have them all in WMA, Real Player, and/or MP3 format. (See note above.)
Sam Goody Online - Like the link above, they sell CDs and DVDs. Unlike the sites above, they tell you song length on CDs so if you're one of those people who feels ripped off spending $17 or so on a 30 to 40 minute CD, this is the site for you. (See note above.) - The site that was used to look up most of the lyrics in The Lyrics page. It contains thousands of free lyrics, ranging from classic rock to modern rap.

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