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First of all, thanks for visiting this website. Here, you'll find information on the songs used in, and score of, both the original release and the Director's Cut.

Since its launch, these pages have gotten pretty comprehensive about its subject. Links have been provided (, Tower Records, and Sam Goody on most) just in case you want to buy the album that contains the song, discover other songs from the same artists, and so on. Visit The Store page for information on the soundtrack.

*A somewhat important side-note: Although the notice on the left panel states that "This site was created for research purposes only," be wary when doing so especially for academic, professional, and the like, purposes. Should you use it in this way, treat it as a secondary source because, while some content are original, the bulk of it was obtained from other sources and compiled in this site (and credit is given to the original site).


The content of this site is geared towards those who have already seen the movie. The best has been done to make it as spoiler-free as possible, but they can't all be eliminated for obvious reasons. If you have yet not seen the movie and you don't particularly want to be spoiled, it has been suggested that you view the movie before navigating through this site.

Otherwise, enjoy.


August 11, 2006: In the continuous effort to make the site better, a few things have been revised:

  • The Songs, The Lyrics, and The Score pages have been re-organized.
  • Sountrack information is no longer available in the Music Order page because...
  • can now be found on The Store, the newest page here on DD Music Resource. Check it out.
  • The content of the panels to the left and the bottom have been revised.

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